Best Physics Coaching in india for JEE, NEET, Class 9-12 – Only 10 students in a group

We provide the best Physics Classes for Preparation of IIT-JEE Mains, NEET, CBSE, ISC, ICSE, Classes 9-12 by an experienced teacher who has been teaching Physics for over 15+ years. Regular and Target Courses, Batches for Repeaters, Droppers, Freshers, Separate Physics Classes for JEE, NEET, BOARDS. We provide Daily Oral and Written CBTs, Daily Mock Tests, Back-up Lectures. Classes offered in a 5-day format, a 3-day format, and a 2-day format. Whether you are preparing for NEET, JEE, or Class 6-12, we will lead you from scratch to in depth preparation.

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Physics Coaching

Only 10 students in a group

Oral and Written CBT Daily

Daily Mock Tests

Back up Lecture

Regular and Target Courses

Batches for Repeaters, Droppers and Freshers

Separate Physics Classes for JEE, NEET, BOARDS

5 days, 3 Days, 2 Days format Classes

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Why Physics Classes by Ignescent Gurukul ?

Ignescent Gurukul Provides 100% Practice Based Physics Classes to practice all typical numerical in the classroom itself.

Why is Physics Class Different from other institution ?

Ignescent Gurukul Provides One to One attention to each student to resolve even minor mistakes while solving physics questions.

What is Oral CBT ?

After each session in physics classes provided by Ignescent Gurukul, we conduct oral Concept Based Tests to resolve any misconception and make memory faster.

What is experience of Physics Faculty ?

Our Every Physics Teacher for JEE, NEET, CBSE, ISC, ICSE, Class 9 to Class 12 are minimum 15 years Experienced in teaching physics and have produced many pioneers of Engineering and medical courses.

What is written CBT ?

After every physics session our experienced physics faculty do conduct a written Concept Based Tests, So to ensure the understanding of concepts and its application while solving problems.

What is benefits of Only 10 Students in a group ?

Having Only 10 Students in a Group Facilitate most personalised learning experience and encourage students to ask any questions without any fraction of hesitation.

What are benefits of CBSE Physics teacher ?

Our CBSE Physics teacher for Class 11 and Class 12 give physics lessons strictly according to the core syllabus provided by the CBSE Board and NCERT Pattern.

what is Difference Between Board and NEET Physics Classes ?

At Ignescent Gurukul, we keep Boards Physics Classes and NEET Physics Classes Complete Separate. Where Board level and NEET level questions are discussed separately which keeps balance between preparation of Board examination and neet examination.

What is difference between board and jee physics classes ?

We keep complete separation between board Physics classes and JEE Physics Classes to maintain balance between JEE Mains and Advance Examination and Class 12 Physics Examinations.

Why is Regular and Daily Mock tests required ?

Daily and regular mock tests keep students engaged about the concepts and do not let them forget. More over, they get the chance to correct their errors.

What is the Physics course duration of Class 12 physics course ?

Complete Class 12 Physics Course for CBSE and ISC Boards are finished with each and every questions practice in 5 months duration and then you can easily be prepared for Pre-Board Exam and Focus on JEE-NEET Preparation.

What is NEET Course Duration for the full syllabus ?

The Complete NEET Course Can be completed in 6 months with 5 Days Study Plan. Then, you can focus on revision, full syllabus, mock tests, time management, error correction and re-revision.

what is jee course duration for the full syllabus ?

The Complete NEET Course Can be completed in 6 months with 5 Days Study Plan. Then, you can focus on revision, full syllabus, mock tests, time management, error correction and re-revision.

what are benefits of neet Courses for Freshers, repeaters and droppers ?

At Ignescent Gurukul, we provide Best NEET Courses for Freshers, Repeaters and Droppers as Regular and Target Courses by the Experienced and Top NEET Faculties of India. You option to Join NEET Courses to Complete full NEET Courses and Syllabus in 5 months to 10 Months of duration.

What are benefits of jee courses for freshers, repeaters and droppers ?

At Ignescent Gurukul, we provide Best IIT-JEE Mains and advanced Courses for Freshers, Repeaters and Droppers as Regular and Target Courses by the Experienced and Top IIT and JEE Faculties of India. You have options to Join JEE Courses to Complete full JEE Mains and Advanced Courses and Syllabus in 5 months to 10 Months of duration with all the practice and learning of JEE Physics Courses.

Which institution is best for neet exam preparation ?

Ignescent Gurukul is Best Choice for NEET toppers to prepare for their NEET Journey. With the Professional expertise guidance and dedication can secure admission to premier medical colleges in India, NEET aspirants can overcome their difficulties efficient and effectively. Regular and Target Course with 15+ yrs. experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials and student centric approach towards each student-Droppers, Freshers and Repeaters.

Which is top Physics class in Kolkata?

Ignescent Gurukul is one of the top Physics class in Kolkata, with an unique approach of learning and understanding of Physics, theoretical, Numerical & Conceptual framework. From Scratch to advance level study Physics with expertise. Our Faculty take ONLY 10 student in a batch to focus on each individual brain capabilities and weakness. With proper measurement and guidance of our faculties will provide 100% solitude guide to remove any difficulties or misconception of the content.

What is the best Physics Class in Kolkata?

Best Physics Learning Center in Kolkata is Ignescent Gurukul. Here, Take session with Proper study method and schedule. Learn Physics with 15+yrs. experienced teacher teaching in physics. From the very basic to Advance level thoroughly. Dealing, Solving & practice of Physics conceptual questions, theoretical questions. with only 10 student in a batch. Covering of complete syllabus, pyq, 21000+ question & numerical dealing.

How to Upgrade/Improve Score in Physics?

To improve score, Learn Physics at Ignescent Gurukul, with the best faculties with high experienced in teaching Physics. Only 10 students in a batch, which ensure to know each students capabilities easily. Complete full syllabus with 5 month. Separate Course as per student requirement Regular course, Target Course. With Proper Guidance of the expertise till examination. From scratch to Advance level with proper study method provided t student by the faculty.

which website can answer, questions related to physics?

Look up Ignescent Gurukul, by searching the institute faculty and follow him, you will get your answer of any Physics related question very specific and elaborately.

How to get 100 in Physics?

To get 100 score in Physics:
1. Ensure you get the proper understanding the basic (easy level) Concept of Physics.
2. Go through 2 or 3 topic with example & solve questions, of the chapter thoroughly in one day.
3. Take 15 to 20 min. revision of previous topic before going to next topic or chapter.
4. Take test on each topic and also after completion of the each chapter.
5. Practice daily, make it habit.
6. you will always get a new interesting information through Physics.
Note* If your mind wondering how everything work in our daily basis life (like; force, energy, pressure, mirror, speed, flame, temperature etc.,) and as well as our universe work, Physics will provide you every possibilities of how our Universe physique work.

the best Private home tution for Physics?

Ignescent gurukul, is the best home tution Provider for Science & Math. Get home tution and Personalized class with only 10 students in Group to get the competition